April 9, 2011

Top10 - 9th April

  1. Cheryl Cole - Parachute
  2. Katy Perry - E.T feat. Kayne West
  3. Britney Spears - Till the world ends
  4. Adele - Rolling in the deep
  5. Wet Fingers - Turn me on
  6. 3R - Black Cherry feat. Anna Montgomery
  7. Emily Osment - Lovesick
  8. Jay Sean - Maybe
  9. Sugarbabes - Get sexy
  10. Mando Diao - The new boy

"Parachute" by Cheryl Cole. There is a personal story of me behind the fact, why I love this song! When I'm listening to it, the song reminds me of my "new old love". I'm in love with the song and with him! But, of course it's not the only reason why I really love "Parachute". Cheryl has a wonderful voice, she looks really great and the vid to "Parachute" is very amazing! I love this song! ♥

Katy Perry's "E.T" (I know the song since a few weeks) is the 4th released single from "Teenage Dream" and it is as extraterrestrial as her "alien"! The video is fantastique! I love it really a lot, this is the new futuristic lovestory, and Katy is so pretty in that vid! First I didn't really like the parts with Kayne West, but after I saw the video... I don't know, a hundred times... I like the collaboration with him! You have to watch the video, it's really amazing!

In my opinion, Britney Spears in very popular right now. Since her song "Hold it against me" it seems like everyone just loves her. It's a nice song, yes, but "Till the world ends" is more special and wonderful. When I listened to it the first time I was in love right away! To be honest, I like it more that "Hold it against me"! Well, Brit, I can tell you, "Well done!".

Do you know Adele? I guess you do! She became super famous with her new song "Rolling in the deep". I didn't like the song former, but this changnately: now I'm in love with Adele's song! I cannot stop listenig to it, I love Adele's voice! It's worth listening to it, she is talented a lot!

I love watching Polish TV, because on the one hand I love Polish music and the songs which are played on those programs, and on the other hand there are showed the latest songs/videos even earlier than for example in other countries.
The reason why I am telling you this is that I saw the next two songs on Polish TV!

The first one is "Turn me on" by Wet Fingers. I also like "Like this" by them, it's wonderful! And "Turn me on" is a titlesong for a polish movie called "Sala Samobójców" (Polish Wikipedia; title means "Suicide Room"). I love the rhythm of the song, it sound kind of disco-like and reminds me of the summer! "Woahoaa...the way you turn me on!" Well, listen to it, it's amazing! :)

And the 2nd song is by 3R feat. Anna Montgomery (3R artists: Robert M / Remo / Dirty Rush). After "Shine on" they released their new single called "Black cherry". I have to confess, I know it a bit longer, but I still love it! It's very cheerful! And a nice vid! I just can tell that it's great!

Emily Osment, known from "Hannah Montana" (TV series with Miley Cyrus), is not only an actress. She also sings! The first song I heard from her was "Let's be friends", which is very nice. And last time I've listened to "Lovesick" (also on Polish TV). I'm in love with it, it's kind of techno-pop-spacy-amazing. And the video to "Lovesick" is very colorful! I became a bigger fan of Emily :)

What I sometimes really love to listen to are songs by Jay Sean. "Maybe" I know since my twinsister first had listened to it! Well...and I have to confess I really like the song, like a lot of other ones by Jay Sean. The video to "Maybe" is also great, kind of sexy. I just can recommend: Listen to it! And watch the musicvideo!

A few songs I always hear first time are played in advertisement spots. And through this way I know "Get sexy" by the Sugarbabes for a several weeks now. It's a really nice song, it's perfect for dancing, for example in the disco! My conclusion: Great rhythm, great voices! I like it!

The last song reminds me of a good friend, Jasmin. She really likes Mando Diao, and so I was looking for news about Mando Diao. I found a song, called "The new boy" and listened to it. In my opinion, it's a great song, a strong melody and I like the lyrics/meaning of the song.
And with this song I want to greet her!

Hope you like my Top10! See you soon!
xoxo Agnes

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