April 12, 2011

Little Monster Claw Necklace

A couple of days ago I got an "offer" on Twitter. I was asked if I could write about a necklace on my blog. So I looked up the necklace and it's a pleasure for me to do this!
By the way, I really want to thank You, Anne, for making it possible for me to tell my readers about your necklace!

Some details about the "Little Monster Claw Necklace" they told me:

  • They made the piece pictured for Lady Gaga and gave it to her when she was in Salt Lake City for her Monster Ball Tour
  • They are inspired by her loyalty to her fans, her strength as a person, and her amazing ability to inspire everyone to be brave about who they are.
  • They love that Lady Gaga is helping Japan with her prayer bracelets and thought they would create a piece where ALL the profits go towards Japan, too. It's their way of supporting her & the world around us.
  • This neckwear is on a piece of black rubber.
  • The "Little Monster" claw pendant is 2 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide.
  • It is made out of 100% recycled eco-resin and is an amazing material that changes color with the light.
  • They also included this in an e-mail: "Many thanks to our friend & Lady Gaga's drummer Spanky for giving this to Lady Gaga for us."
  • For more pictures and product information click here!

If you want to have more information contact them:
or follow them on twitter: @ambreindustries


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