April 21, 2011

Lip Balm *_*

Lip balm by Bobbi Brown "SPF 15"

I'm sure you know lip balm and have at least one stick (or tube), and I guess the boys have one, too!
But lip balm is not only a lip balm. I found some tips on the internet, what you can do with it as well! I tried it and it worked! You can also use lip balm to shape your eyebrows or to repair your lashes if they're broken (use a lipbalm with sunfloweroil and put it on when you go to bed; they will be strong and pretty after a few times of utilization). You can also use it as a grounding for lipstick or to fix your make up! If you want bright, strong shiny eyes put lip balm under the eyeshadow. The color will be brigther (looks like "wetlook")! This trick also make up artists use backstage at the shows of a lot (known) designers!
And there is one more advantage to own a lip balm (girls AND boys): It helps you if you have sunburn or gnat bites but also if you have dry, chapped skin or frizzy hair!

You can buy lip balm in different colors (also colorless ones are available), in different flavors and with different ingredients like several types of oil, beeswax or shea butter and also extracts from plants or fruits (e.g.: cocoa nut, rose, mint, strawberry, coffee, ...)
A lip balm I own and like most is "Cola Cola Vanilla" by Lip Smacker. It tastes deliciously!
And if you don't like Coca Cola Vanilla, there are also "Coca Cola Cherry", "Fanta", "Sprite", "Dr. Peper", "M&M's", fruity ones like "Watermelon" or "Strawberry Kiwi" or also sweet ones like cupcake-flavored, donut-flavored and cookie-flavored ones!

I hope the tricks I mentioned help you!

xoxo Agnes

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