April 15, 2011

Judas is released!


Today Lady GaGa released her new single (second released song from her album "Born This Way"), which is called "Judas". She wanted to release it on 19th of April, but as it was the same with Born This Way, Lady GaGa released Judas four days earlier!
The fact that she released it earlier is kind of strang because "Judas" was 'leaked' four days before it should really come out, and Judas betrayed Jesus four days before Easter! It seems that everything is so connected and symbolic.
The song is fast (130 BPM = Beats Per Minute), has a strong beat and in my opinion wonderful lyrics. I hope the video will be good, so it could be a "masterpiece" :)
And I like it a bit more than Born This Way, perhaps because it's new and (still) not that alien-like as for example the Born This Way video. So it's even more fantastic, and to be honest, I was not that exited for Judas but now I'm glad it has finally been released!

Lady GaGa posted a few things on twitter:

  • #PawsUpForJudas! I've learned love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a dead body.
  • Even After Three Times He Betrays Me.
  • NEW SINGLE JUDAS! GET IT HERE: http://tw.itunes.com/RgV. Monsters, thank you for inspiring me to write this song. Blood, Sweat + Jüdas.

Hope you like Judas and my last thoughts about it:
I'm exited for the video. I hope GaGa releases it soon!  :)

xoxo Agnes

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  1. Well.. i think that song is pretty similar to "Bad Romance" (like "Judas, Judas, Judas, GaGa")


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