March 1, 2011


Have you seen Lady GaGa's new music video for "Born This Way" already?
It's really wonderful in my opinion. It's not a music vid anymore, it's a story, a "mini-movie" by and about Mother Monster Lady GaGa and her Little Monsters.
I cannot stop watching this! It's really weird, but that's GaGa!
Rick Genest (called "Zombie Boy") appears in the vid, GaGa dances around him, and this part is great.
(Read this for more information :) )

Well, unfortunately, the video on LadyGagaVEVO/ladygagaofficial (youtube) is not available in every country yet.
But you can watch it on! Click on the link to get to Perez Hilton's blog or watch it here:

I hope you like it!

xoxo Agnes

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