February 22, 2011

Top10 - 22nd February

This Top10 I would like to call "Girl Power" :)
  1. Lady GaGa - Born This Way
  2. Rihanna - Come On (or "S and M")
  3. Natalia Kills - Mirrors
  4. Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
  5. Alexis Jordan - Happiness
  6. Avril Lavigne - What the hell?
  7. Zaz - Je veux
  8. P!NK - Fuckin' perfect
  9. The Rio Girls - Neonlights
  10. Ke$ha - Blow
Finally it has been released: Born This Way, Lady GaGa's new song! (you may also read: http://fantastique-a.blogspot.com/2011/02/born-this-way-by-lady-gaga.html )
And I just cannot stop listening to it. I've never expected it would be that great. I love the song, even if there's just an audio without video yet. And so I'm very excited for the video, well, because I really don't know what it will be about. Whatever, I think Born This Way is something different, new in the "evolution of GaGa". It's not a retro or 80's dance song like in "Just dance" or "Retro, dance, freak" etc.

Rihanna's new song "Come On" (first title was: "S and M") is amazing. It's almost my favourite song right now. And have you seen the video already? I think, Rihanna makes great videos, and this time the topic of the song and especially the video is interesting. You can hear, that it's about S and M, but in the vid you realize that it's more than that. You can see that it's also about the media and what they trying to do with celebs. And, by the way, Perez Hilton, a famous blogger, is imitating a "dog" in RiRi's video :)

Natalia Kills is known in Germany since her song "Mirrors" appeared in a advertisement of a TV show called "Die Model-WG" (it's about models sharing an apartment and they have to get jobs at model firms). And it's really popular now. I personally really really like this song, Natalia Kills' voice and of course Natalia Kills looks really good.

Poison by Nicole Scherzinger is great! Have you seen the video yet? I suggest you to do. The special effects are quite magical and also the song is wonderful. Well, and Nicole looks really hot in this vid, it's kind of hard to concentrate on the rest of it. This song is different than the ones with "The Pussycat Dolls", but it's also a kind of dance song. I just want to say, it's a good song, so well done, Nicole!

Alexis Jordan: She's pretty and her song "Happiness" is wonderful. And it includes a great message:
"'Happiness' is a great message. You need to find love within yourself before you find it in someone else. Meaning, you find who you are first more than anything. My second single, 'Good Girl,' has the message that no one's perfect. Like, I can be a good girl. I have made mistakes in the past but I want to better myself." (Alexis Jordan, Seventeen Magazine)
I like this song, it's really happy, cheerful and partycapable, too!

Avril Lavigne's new song "What the hell?" is different to her other ones. It's not a sad song or a slowly one, it's crazy, loud and it's good for parties. Avril looks pretty, and the video is really good. But, one thing, I just cannot understand: Why does her perfumes appear in her music vid? I know it's marketing, but I wouldn't advertise it via videos of my songs. Well, everyone has their own opinion. Anyway, I like Avril's song :)

I don't speak french, but I love french songs, even though I do not understand them. Zaz, a woman with an amazing voice, and her song "Je veux"... I do like a lot. The song is about freedom of oneself and a life without directions from other people, I guess. Anyway, Zaz is singing about that she is sick of the behavior of the others and that she is living her life in her own way. And you can see in the video that she wants to be free, without any instructions of other people. The instruments sound kind of crazy, but I like it!

P!NK made a masterpiece. "Fuckin' Perfect" is an amazing song, like the story behind. Have you seen the vid? It's so pretty, telling about a girl, who is misunderstood, who don't really thinks that she can be someone and make a mark on the world, because former her 'friends' in the kindergarden' used to treat her bad, then when she was older her mother was not understanding her and I guess, there are a few girls, that really think 'Hey, I'm in a similar situation, but I can live my dream and change my life.' and Pink illustrates that message to the girls and also to the boys, the parents and the watchers in a way, that everyone is interested in: music!

The Rio Girls and their single "Neonlights" are wonderful. I really love the song, it reminds me of some song, I like a lot, but unfortunately I cannot remember. The three girls are dancing very amazingly in the music video; the dance, which is quite simple and short, is magnificent, I think.

And finally Ke$ha's song "Blow" is a party song! It's full of rythm and strong beats, but for me there is not really a senceful story behind. But I like listening to it, because it's cheerful.

xoxo Agnes

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