February 12, 2011

"Born This Way" by Lady GaGa

Now, as "Born This Way" has been released, Lady GaGa breaks several records. For example her new single is #1 in every country on iTunes!! And it became the fastest selling single on iTunes!
She also set the record for most radio airplays in a day!

The only thing I can say, it's WONDERFUL!
"I love my life, I love this record and mi amore vole fe yah!" - Lady GaGa (Born This Way)
This line from BTW really expresses my feelings for GaGa's song.

What do YOU think about Lady GaGa's latest single?
Just post a comment with your opinion!

And if you like her new single just like me, vote for it!!
E.g at:
There are a lot other polls about Born This Way, just look through the internet and you'll find a lot (a few are really different, like "Is Born This Way similar to ..." or stuff like that) :D
Vote for GaGa if you are a little monster or if you just like Lady GaGa!

xoxo Agnes

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