January 29, 2011

We love - Top5

While I was surfing through the internet, I found a couple of nice things. By picking out five things I've created a great outfit (OK, it's not a whole outfit :D)

"Doubs Fingerless" gloves by Free people

"Back to the roots" Swatch collection
Maison Martin Margiela "Wrong size" gold

Lace-body by Topshop
Heat- The first fragrance by Beyoncé

I was searching for nice and warm gloves and found the one by Free People. Although they are fingerless they're still warm, because they are made of cord. And I love the design, they look kind of royal.

The watches by Swatch are great. A large variety, great colors and a straight design make the "Back to the roots" collection very fashionable. And you can wear this watches to every event and to every outfit.

Maison Martin Margiela sunglasses have usually a futuristic design. But MMM worked together with the Cutler + Gross Group and they created "Line 8", a collection with glasses like "Anatomic" and "Wrong size". And the "Wrong size" sunglasses (showed in the picture) are kind of normal, if you know what I mean. They look not that crazy, but are still great. I love the collection alot, and they made the right decision to collaborate!

The body made out of lace by Topshop is just pretty. The design is great and I really like the neckholder. I guess that body is very soft and I think every women would buy it :)
And not only the women would be exited about this one, also the men because this body is sexy as well!

And, last but not least, the fragrance "Heat" by Beyoncé. I have this perfume and I really love it.
Notes are Red Vanilla Orchid, Neroli, Magnolia, Peach, Honeysuckle, Almond Macaroon, Creme de Musk, Giant Sequoia, Tonka Bean, Amber. That's it I think! It smells very special... like oriental.
“This is my first fragrance and I wanted to be sure I will love it forever!” - Beyoncé Knowles
And I guess she will love this perfume forever because it is just great. I'll certainly adore this fragrance forever! ♥

I hope you like that special Top5 just like me :)

xoxo Agnes

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