January 11, 2011

Business Outfits

Work in the office and look great?
That IS possible! You just need a few special clothes.
Here are some examples of how to dress for work:

For women:

Christian Dior
Victoria Beckham
  • a white blouse (if you want also with ruffles)
  • a pencil skirt (e.g. one design in leo )
  • a pair of see-through stockings
  • or trousers
  • a jacket
  • high heels (red or grey or black...whatever you want)
For men:
Dolce & Gabbana
Raf Simons
Tommy Hilfiger
  • a shirt in white
  • trousers (if you want with pinstripes)
  • a maching jacket
  • a tie in black
  • black, polished shoes

Maybe this examples has impressed you a little and I hope you want to copy this style.
Have fun at work :)

(I own no rights to the images)
xoxo Agnes

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