December 25, 2010


Rihanna is very successful this year. After songs like "Te amo", "Rude boy", "Love the way you lie" with Eminem, or "Only girl (in the world)", she published her 5th studio album "Loud" (released November 2010). On the album are songs like "Only girl (in the world)", "Raining men" a recording with Nicki Minaj, or "What's my name" with Drake. And, by the way, this year she had a fantastique fashion time. At the VMAs 2010 she had worn a wonderful dress and presented her x-th hairstyle.

After long and short dark hair, she had a blonde pony tail, a red pony tail, then she also had total blonde hair, curled hair and a red bob, and her latest hairstyle is red, long hair. She looks beautiful and elegant.

In her and Drake's song "What's my name" she is wearing really ugly stuff, it's just a fashion disaster! I was shocked, when I first saw the music video. But, I'm glad, it's just a music video!

On the cover of "Only girl (in the world)" she 'wears' an amazing dress. She's not really wearing this dress, as you can see on the picture. You see a part of her back, and one of her tattoos on it. The red d
ress by Marchesa, from the Fall 2010 collection, is really pretty.

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