December 28, 2010

Lady GaGa - The phenomenon

She's singing, performing, shocking, provoking!

I am talking about Lady GaGa.
She is shown in every TV-channel, in every magazine and is called on every website. She has thousands of haters, but -because LOVE's stronger- plenty of "little monsters". That's how she calles her fans. It's just an endless story. After being the Queen of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. she is called being the new "Queen of Pop". And this is showed by awarding events and shows, like the MTV's VMAs, EMAs, the Grammys, ...
She earns many nominations, for "Best Pop Song", "Best Artist", "Best Album", "Best Dance Song", "Best WHATEVER".... and gets a LOT awards.

This year (just a little sample):

  • VMAs: 8 awards (13 nominations)
  • EMAs: 3 awards (5 nominations)
  • AMAs: 1 award (2 nominations)
  • Brit Awards: 3 awards
  • World Music Awards: 5 awards
  • Billboard Year End Chart Awards: 6 awards
  • Grammy Awards: 2 awards
  • Vogue Magazine: 1 award
  • Time Magazine: 1 award
It's really just a short sample of GaGa's awards, but you can read throught the whole list.

After her albums "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" her fans cannot wait for "Born This Way".
She is working hard for her success, and so there's nothing elso to say than:
Lady GaGa, soon you're becoming Queen of the World!

xoxo Agnes

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